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Gemsbok is one of the top plains game trophies. This large plains game is certainly one of the most beautiful, with males having a larger circumference around horns  of their females of the species. 

Africa Safari Outfitters has exceptional Gemsbok in South Africa. Oryx hunts can be packaged alone or with other game.

Contact PH Kobus Davel for more detailed information.



The Red Hartebeest is a large antelope. It is found in many regions of Southern Africa. 


Affordable Plains Game Hunting in South Africa with Africa Safari Outfitters.

Red Hartebeest hunts can be packaged with other plains game, like Gemsbok Roan, and Sable Antelope for example.


Contact PH Kobus Davel for more detailed information.


The Tiny 10 is a group of pygmy antelope residing in southern Africa. All of these antelope are extremely small; the largest specimens weigh less than 50 pounds. 

While much attention is focused on hunting the large and glamorous African species, like kudu and buffalo, hunting the Tiny 10 is an often overlooked, but an exciting, challenging, and fulfilling experience.

Contact PH Kobus Davel for detailed information.

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