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Africa Safari Outfitters  Client Reviews...


Hi Kobus,


A big thank you to Uitvlugt Safaris trading as Africa Safari Outfitters, and Kobus for the hospitality during our hunt on your concessions.


What made this hunting so special is that you made the concerted effort to ensure that we got our targeted specie and that you went out of your way to take us out at night to call jackal and hunt bush pigs.


Having a 300m shooting range adjacent to the farm gave us the confidence to take on the long range shots.


Your knowledge of the area, the game and hunting tactics was reassuring that we were going to be successful.



I hope you enjoyed the drone footage?


Kind regards,

Jason Budd

Africa Safari Outfitters Client Reviews...


G'day Kobus,


I wanted to tell you what a great time I had hunting with you in South Africa in 2019.


Some of the highlights were... the night time predator hunt for Serval. This hunt was exceptional fun taking a great cat on the second night out 


The Red Duiker was a great addition to my Tiny Ten quest, thank you!


The Mountain Reedbuck hunt was exciting and the scenery was stunning and we managed to take a great trophy and the meat was great too!


I can recommend my PH Kobus Davel. He will put you on the game! AussieJohn   

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