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Tiny Ten Package Deal 2019

14 x Hunting days, 10 x Animals

1x arrival day, 14x hunting days, 1 x departure day. Animals to hunt: (Trophy fees included) 1x Southern Duiker 1x Red Duiker

1x Blue Duiker 1x Steenbuck 1x Oribi 1x Sharps Grysbok 1x Cape Grysbok 1x Klipspringer

1x Suni 1x Damara Dik Dik

Area: Mpumalanga Province South Africa Observer $ 200 per Day. Add more days ($350/day) for extra plains game animals on your wish list.

This package includes: $12.500 Accommodation, meals, drinks, local wines & beers, PH’s, vehicle & transport,

room service, staff, laundry service, field prep of trophies, airport pick up and drop off. Air charter may be an option (not included in package fees) Add $2000 per person. Trophy fees of animals not hunted will be refunded.

Red Duiker takes a beautiful Red Duiker with Africa Safari Outfitters
Tiny Ten Special Package Rate 2019



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